Activities to help children with autism develop skills and understanding.

About Us

Autism Learn is an independent, family owned business.


We have many people to thank.
Here's a start.

We are dedicated to developing learning activities to assist individuals with autism and other developmental disabilities to develop basic skills and  understanding.. 

We have designed and developed skill building learning activities that are purposeful, visually based, structured, organized, new and exciting. Our activities can assist to help target the development of different basic skills and can be used in schools, at home, or by therapists. They are not toys and should always be used with adult supervision.

TEACCH Methodology is the basis for the visual structure that is built into our activities. It is an honor for Autism Learn to incorporate the TEACCH Method into our activities. Each activity is visually structured, worked in a predictable left to right format with a visually clear beginning and end to provide predictability and continuity. At the end of each left to right sequence, a completed work item is put into a visually labeled finished bin. The sequence is then repeated.

Please read the Activity Terminology section to understand and clarify the terminology and  methods used in our activities.

Product Quality

Each activity is well made with quality as our goal:

  • Wood jigs are made with durable materials and reinforced wherever needed for added
    durability. Wood jigs are finely sanded and corners are rounded for safety.

  • Wood jigs with dowels are designed so activity pieces that go on them are not likely to fall off.

  • Many activity jigs are weighted where needed, to help them to remain stable while a person is
    using them.

All lamination is done using durable 5 mil film. 

Extra pieces are always included where possible.

What You Need To Know:

Each item on this website is Copyrighted. No form of photocopy or reproduction of any kind can be made without written permission from the owner.

Each activity is manufactured by hand and made in the USA.

Although it is our priority to keep our pricing the same, prices may become subject to change without prior notification.

Quality is always guaranteed...we take pride in our products.